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June 2021
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Homepage of my portfolio
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Example of a jam
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It was a school project where we created a plugin for Mattermost, an open source, self-hosted instant messaging service.

Stacks involve

  • Go
  • TypeScript
  • Javascript
  • Shell
  • Docker

Maintainer: Abderrahmane Mouzoune



The MattJam plugin is a free open source software for Mattermost that provides the possibility to create jams directly in the chat or during call sessions. MattJam provides a fun and easy way to collaborate during team projects and animate working and brainstorming sessions even in remote.

Preview Mattjam
Preview Mattjam

In developement you can see more in the roadmap here


Our MattJam FOSS is an all-in-one plugin has so much functionnalities to hype your Mattermost sessions, you can acces to all of this features with /mattjam :

  • Full whiteboard creation with shapes, text, colors, post-its, arrow, and so much more
  • You can add who can watch or edit the jam during the session
  • You can download your jams and send them directly to everyone
  • You can add a small resume of the session so everyone can remember or understand what happened during the jam session
  • Jam versionning that allows you to look each versions of the same jam
  • Resume system that save all the jams at the end of the session, and allows you to consult them at any time
  • tag system to find easily any jam in your history with keywords
  • reporting system so the admin can see what are MattJam stats
  • possibility to create call sessions in same time as jam sessions so there is no need of another plugin


If you want to see each release you can see that here

If you want to see how each versions work you can see that here

If you want to see the structure of the project you can see that here


We welcome contributions for bug reports, issues, feature requests, feature implementations, and pull requests. Feel free to file a new issue 😃

For a complete guide on contributing to the plugin, see the Contribution Guidelines.


How do I install the plugin?

I can download it here

  1. Log into Mattermost as a system admin
  2. In the upper-left corner, select your username, then System Console
  3. On the left, under Plugins, select Plugin Management
  4. Find "upload a plugin" and upload the tar.gz file download here
  5. For Enable Plugins, select true
  6. Save changes at the bottom

How do I create a jam?

In the concerned chat bar, type /mattjam then press enter.

How do I save my jam ?

It is an automatic backup, which stops at the end of the jam session.

How do I find the jams I have participated in?

Go to the « Jam History » channel on the left sidebar of Mattermost.

How do I share a jam with other people?

When you move the mouse over the jam area or from the jam history channel, a menu of options appears: choose the icon (ajouter l’icône)

Can I join a jam in progress?

Yes, via the share link, the « Jam History" channel or via the relevant chat if you are a member.

Can more than one person edit the jam?

Currently, any participant has the possibility to contribute to the jam.

Can I make a jam on a call session?

This is not yet possible directly from our plugin, but the call function will be available in version 4.0.


  • Golang >1.16
  • Npm > 7.15
Operating SystemTechnical Requirement
WindowsWindows 7, 8.1, and 10
MacMacOS 10.12+
LinuxUbuntu LTS releases 18.04 or later

Though not officially supported, the Linux desktop app also runs on RHEL/CentOS 7+.

BrowserTechnical Requirement

License MIT.

Thanks to :


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