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Homepage of carrefour voyages
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Before explaining what Carrefour Voyages is and what I've done there, I'd like to thank Van Hoï NGUYEN as a manager and as a human being who was able to teach me.

Stacks involve

  • Javascript
  • ReactJs
  • NodeJs
  • PHP
  • MySQL / Postgres
  • Docker
  • Less
  • Freemarker
  • Typescript
  • Ejs


Carrefour Voyages offers a range of travel services and products to its customers, including vacation packages, flights, hotels, car rentals, and various other travel-related services. It operates both online and through physical travel agencies, providing customers with a comprehensive platform to plan and book their travel arrangements.

I was responsible for the continuous development of their website and internal tools.

Thanks to this experience, I've been able to develop my web development skills as well as my soft skills, particularly group work, communication within a team, decision-making and taking a stand.

What i did ?

In short,
420 JIRA

This means that as many changes have been made or problems solved.

Animation of website

I was able to animate the carrefour voyages website on certain events such as halloween, black friday or christmas. So some very big animations with a radical change of colour and several animations and easter eggs

For example :

Product page with halloween theme
Product page with halloween theme
98 5890+ line of code

An estimate of the number of lines of code via gitlab.

Each of these lines of code is aimed at improving the user experience, resolving bugs, integrating new user experience and ensuring accessibility across all these areas.

Website project
  1. Search engine : When I arrived, there was only one search engine, which was limited on a huge number of criteria. I was able to create an end-to-end engine that takes a single search criterion as input and uses that criterion to display the product, destination or page you're looking for.
  2. Last minute : Improve performance on loading several products (~+30% loading speed)
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift : Improve user experience by reducing the CLS of website
  4. Monitoring Tools : Creation of a tool for automated route testing
  5. Newsletter Tools : Creation of a CMS to create newsletter
  6. Reduction Code Tools : Tools to create/test and delete a reduction code
  7. Forms : Creation of forms to be displayed on tablets in agencies to collect travel plans or customer feedback

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